I love block printing, friends bring me brilliant blocks back from their exotic holidays in India.
Today I have been making colourful cards to sell at Art Fairs over the summer, starting with
the fantastic Printfest next weekend. The colours are so vibrant against the white card and
as the ink dries it has a raised surface that is lovely to the touch.


  • Allan Boyle says:

    Hello Jay, I live in the Rutland village of Market Overton. I’ve been talking to Peter Robinson about a simple initiative to turn our “neutral” village hall into an occasional venue for arts and crafts. In this context, we’ll try to organise an open day in September. I have formed an “art group” of 7 locals (so far) who just enjoy painting. Three of them call themselves beginners and just want to explore their talents and different media. One thing we hope to do together is to paint a simplified frieze of the listed buildings in Market Overton’s conservation area, mainly to drive some pride into villagers who otherwise might ignore their surroundings. Hopefully other ideas will follow.
    I very much admire your work, and that of the Art House members. I had no idea that such a thing existed. Bravo to the founder and members!

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