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11th October 2020 in Events

Great Print Exhibition 6 at Rheged Centre

Very pleased to be taking part in the Great Print Exhibition for the second time. With over 60 artists showing 500 original framed prints, this is a fantastic showcase for…
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26th April 2020 in In the Studio

Changing the ink I use

For many years I’ve used intaglio oil based etching ink for my Collagraphs. My trouble has always been cleaning my brushes. I go to the workshop, put my dirty brushes…
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22nd May 2019 in Events


Excited to be taking part in Arthouse Leicester for the first time. I will be at 46 Holmfield Road with several other local artists and it is part of an…
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29th April 2019 in In the Studio

Afternoon spent block printing

I love block printing, friends bring me brilliant blocks back from their exotic holidays in India. Today I have been making colourful cards to sell at Art Fairs over the…
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